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Where is Your Love for Thy Neighbor


Addressing Homelessness in the United States

Why have we allowed the homelessness to persist in the wealthiest country in the world? Homelessness is a large issue in the United States, which we have the means to solve, but have not due to the various facets of privilege and stigma within society. Through design we can challenge misconceptions, create awareness, and open people’s eyes to the privileges they possess as first steps towards addressing this issue. While it’s impossible to end homelessness with this thesis, small changes can still be made. Many people look at unhoused people and only make assumptions about mistakes they must have made that led them to where they are. Whether or not they are true, no one deserves to be in that position. In my thesis I ask that people try to recognize themselves in others. In addition, to serve as a reminder that we could all learn to love our neighbors better.