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Food for Thought


Healthy Food Should Be Available For All

Answers are mixed on whether or not people in underserved communities find the typical fast casual health food restaurants (e.g. Sweetgreen, Tender Greens) to be expensive or not. However, given the possibility that people may be willing to pay a slightly higher price for healthy food if it was available to them, the problem still remains that the communities are void of any kind of health food restaurants and filled with fast food options instead. Convenience is key in a variety of aspects in life, so people in underserved communities should be given the opportunity to have convenient and healthy food available for them. Healthy food should be accessible to anyone who wants it, regardless of where they live or their income level.

This project explores the societal impact of design, both in regard to the impact of the current design of low and high income neighborhoods, as well as the possible impact of the proposed design solution on these communities. The ultimate goal of this project is to open a healthy drive-thru restaurant, specifically in underserved communities, to serve as a way for anyone to have access to a healthful lifestyle