Deck Flip


Reversing Maple Deforestation Through Sustainable Skateboards

Skateboard manufacturing is one of the biggest contributors to maple deforestation in North America. Skateboarding is a unique combination of sport and culture that revolves, traditionally, around a wood-based device. While other innovative materials have been tested, most researches have come to the conclusion that the best skateboards are yielded from high quality maple from the Great Lakes region of the U.S. and Canada.

Skateboard company Deck Flip shares a passion for skateboarding and saving the planet by offering sustainable alternatives that help reverse the damaging effects of maple deforestation. Deck Flip reuses old wood from used or damaged skateboard decks, and transforms them into brand new decks, therefore eliminating a manufacturing process and decreasing the number of trees harvested. The company uses business to inspire and design impactful initiatives that tackle environmental crises driven by deforestation, including climate change and landfill waste.