The Effects of Fashion Pollution

The mindset of over consumption would cease or decrease if consumers were exposed to the effects of fast fashion pollution on the world, and how these brands and themselves are implicated in the violation and destruction of the environment and others.In this digital age the easiest, and most effective way to reach any audience is through our phones. Creating an app that will supply consumers with information about clothing companies: i.e.— how their materials are sourced, the treatments of employees, working conditions, where their factories are located, etc. will break and bridge the barrier between company’s manufacturing and consumer. Through this exposure of how, what, why and who these items are manufactured by and at what cost to the environment and others; will polarize to consumers the negative, unseen side of fashion waste. Fashion pollution is one of the leading contributors to the world’s pollution, it is the byproduct of the idea: out with the old, in with the new—a notion that promotes over consumption by everyday consumers. The solution is education and transparency, knowing who, and where one’s clothing came from is crucial in making more ethical decisions. Researching brands to find out where they stand on the ethical spectrum is just one step in the direction of becoming a more conscious consumer. Now spreading awareness about these brands will be at everyone’s fingertips.