A Kid's Book About Allyship


A conversation starter for grownups and kids to talk about the importance of allyship.

America has a prolong history of repeated practice of xenophobia towards colored minorities during pandemics. A recent epitome of such practice would be the growing xenophobic sentiments towards Asians due to the wide spreading COVID-19 virus originated from Wuhan, China. Horizontal hostility, socially constructed by the dominant group, pits colored minorities against each other. Allyship between minority groups are often ignored when we talk about race. This allyship, in my opinion, is incredibly powerful. It would maximize the collective agency of minority groups, allowing us to achieve more together. We should introduce the idea of allyship to our young generation early. Therefore, I want to dedicate my senior thesis to the creation of an E-book, A Kid’s Book About Allyship, that calls for multiracial allyship and interracial activism.